DTP For Poland IT Meeting


To design and implement eye-catching and effective visual identification and DTP to support the development of the event’s image as well as communication with and between its participants.


The formula of Poland IT Meeting involves an innovative combination of a classic conference with the idea of networking. Instead of listening to lectures, participants can plan up to 32 individual meetings with business partners of interest to them to be held over the event’s 2 days. In this context, visual communication had to be designed in a very functional way, corresponding to the unique character of the event


The basic visual communication project for Poland IT Meeting included a logotype, website, dedicated application, and numerous advertising gadgets. In addition, we created a special notebook inspired by the analysis of participants' needs and a catalogue of participants, which we printed on the eve of the conference to ensure that the information it provided was as up to date as possible. Additionally, as far as the DTP area goes, we prepared numerous plans and other information materials to facilitate the attendees’ movement around the venue where the event was organised. Of course, we didn’t forget to include humorous elements, such as special cards with funny phrases in Polish and English. All communication was carried out in both languages.

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