Event To Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of Cedo


Guests at theEvent


Months ofPreparation




To prepare and comprehensively deliver a unique event, which will attract and gel together a maximum number of employees to provide them with a wonderful and unforgettable experience.


As is the case with every event, the key was proper planning and efficient logistics, combined with creativity in creating the event scenario. Due to the number of guests planned, we had to build and fully equip an additional 600 sq m tent. Another challenge consisted in preparing and carrying out communication activities in a way ensuring considerable attendance of shop floor employees.


The first information about the event was provided to those invited through a series of three intriguing, gradually appearing posters, hung in different places on the company’s premises. Then we gave each person a personalised invitation, which was sweetly complemented by fortune cookies promising great fun on the anniversary day. In addition, guests holding managerial positions in the international structure of the company received invitations in special boxes filled with popcorn, which was one of the references to the film-like atmosphere of the elegant, but not over sophisticated event. The attendance was more than considerable, and the guests’ satisfaction was immense.

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