Logistical Support For Ogrody Natury


Years ofCooperation

50 000

Bottles ofJuice


Tons of POS Materials


To strengthen the brand’s image as a producer of natural, unsweetened juices by developing the recognition of its products and supporting promotional campaigns in an alternative sales channel (fitness clubs and healthy food stores).


Planning and coordinating the logistical activities - from collecting goods from the production facility through packaging and creating promotional kits to securing packages and POS materials as well as transporting them quickly (3 working days) to several hundred points of sale.


Ogrody Natury is an FMCG brand whose products could once be bought only in groceries located in residential estates, discount stores, and supermarkets. The brand went one step further and conducted a campaign aiming to expand its target groups by including gym and healthy food shop regulars. One of the key aspects of this multifaceted project was appropriate logistics.

What was the logistical support we provided? In the beginning, we shortlisted potential partners, working from suggestions of the client's sales department, and took care of the shipment of samples packed in an aesthetically pleasing way. Juices of different flavours (from raspberry to beetroot) reached chains of fitness clubs and organic shops. Using our experience with DTP services, we designed and produced information and advertising materials. We focused on ensuring that the leaflets and posters are consistent with the communication and visual concept of the project while staying in line with the logistical needs. To maximise customers’ interest in Ogrody Natury juices, we delivered specially designed displays, mock-ups, and refrigerator tops to the points of sale.

We also carried out shipments under so-called loyalty programs. In this respect, our experience in developing advertising materials also paid dividends - we supervised both the production and on-going distribution of gadgets or small gifts. All logistic activities were smooth and timely, and the Ogrody Natury saw for themselves that there are no impossible things for us.

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