Social Media For KIK


Years ofCooperation

1 500 000

Likes onFacebook

200 000

Followers onInstagram


To build from scratch and further develop communication channels in social media for the Polish branch of one of Europe's largest retail chains offering fashion products and interior furnishings and decorations.


In the initial phase, the key task was to select appropriate communication channels and create an effective strategy to attract the first audiences and acquaint them with the brand that had just entered the Polish market. In the steps that followed, it was extremely important to maintain the interest of the audience while gaining new fans.


For KiK we have created and constantly run 3 main communication channels in Social Media:


Profile management includes regular publication of news related to the KiK offering and information on the rapid development of the company on the Polish market, efficient and fast communication with customers through comments and private messages, as well as management of the advertising budget.

Thanks to well thought out, consistent and imaginative actions, the company's profile on the world's most popular social media sites has already been liked by more than 1,000,000 users.


Instagram is currently one of the fastest growing social media channels. KiK’s profile makes it possible to present ample visual material that builds the atmosphere of the brand and its products.

We create an atmosphere of openness, warmth, and fashion inspirations through an appropriate selection of photos, regular publication of Instastories, and cooperation with influencers. We also maintain relations with our audiences through appropriate reposting of photos of other users showing KiK products, as well as through contact with all those who tag KiK in their posts and relations.


In addition to the channels for fast and continuous communication mentioned above, we have also created a channel for presenting more complex content. It’s a place full of fashion inspirations provided by the brand hero - Kika, created for the purposes of the blog.

Apart from the lively and colourful language and direct, blog-like style of communication, the channel's advantage is the "only here" tab, where we place unique content, such as interviews with the winners of competitions organised by the KiK or people whom the company helps under its CSR programme.

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