Influencer Marketing

Creative ideas


Evaluation of activities

Thanks to modern media, many creators of original blogs, video blogs, and other social media communication channels become "opinion leaders". To their audiences, influencers are often like a good friend who will honestly tell them about their feelings, being at the same time a source of information and inspiration. And a recommendation from a trusted person is, for the majority of customers, the most effective argument in favour of a brand, product or service. Additionally, you must remember that the most important quality of a good influencer marketing is reliability.

As far as the implementation of influencer marketing goes, apart from integrity, we focus on mutual inspiration and original ideas. We build relations between the influencer and the brand so that then we can reach new audiences with them. Each such cooperation project is a different story, which is why we always plan the choice of a person, form, time, and scope of the joint activities individually, at the same time analysing the outcomes of our work on an ongoing basis.