Logistical Support


Packing and shipping


Almost everything is buttoned up - the company event has been taken care of, the product catalogue has been commissioned for printing, and interest in the competition is growing exponentially. You could already start celebrating your success if it weren't for the fact that you’ve suddenly found yourself in a fix. It’s because the gadgets for the event will arrive sooner and you have to put them somewhere, because the distribution of promotional materials is to be delayed and you have to store a few pallets of new catalogues, and because you have to assign people you don't have to dispatch the competition prizes. Logistical support - you need it more than another cup of coffee.

Marketing and logistics are an inseparable pair. We've seen this happen many times, helping our customers with things that go beyond the standard range of services. We have experience in promotional materials logistics, so we put flexibility first. We can store competition prizes, advertising gadgets, or several pallets of freshly printed catalogues or advertising brochures in a dry and safe place. We know what a good warehouse should be - ours can be easily accessed by both an HGV and employees of parcel delivery companies. We have the equipment needed to transport pallets with goods.

Packaging & customising, as well as shipping to the address indicated by the client, are our standard services. We know what good organisation is, so dispatching even several hundred packages at one time to different places is not a problem for us. If you don’t have space, energy, or people, use our logistics support. Do you have a request for a bespoke service? We’ll be happy to cater to your needs!